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    Would you buy a '07 FXHO with 250 hours?

    Just curious....What is the main thing thats getting close to wearing out at this usage?...How "cheap" would it have to be to make it worth while?

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    I got my 06 with 30 hrs for $5500.00(really great deal). I would think maybe $3500.00 or $4000.00. Make sure you remove the spark plugs before buying. They are really weak and break off in the head if they didnt use anti seize when installing them and haven't removed them in a long time. Wear ring clearance is something else to check as well.

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    Phumb- Where are you located?
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    I have a 90 hour FX HO here that i would sell for a good deal to a member here .

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    hey chris, sent pm...thanks for reply joey...looks like its not what i'm looking for, didnt realize the older ho's were only 1100 cc....looking for bigger/faster one...

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    Yea you need an 09 or newer for the 1800cc, 08 if you go SHO.

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    your right, thanks!

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