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    Buying a ultra 150

    Hey,a buddy of mine has a friend who basically dropped of a ski with himwanting to rebuild it. Well he doesn't want to bother with it and my buddy said he would sell it to me for $200. It's got everything but the motor might is shot.

    Question, it's that a good deal? Also, what would I be looking at to investment to get running again?

    I already have my waveraider 1100 so this world be a build ski.

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    Oil pumped failed and locked the #2 cylinder and striped gears on the crank.

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    In all the years for the Ultra, I have never heard of an oil pump failing. Guess first time for everything. Even if the cable breaks, it defaults to full on oil.
    Probably better off getting a SBT engine and a new oil pump.
    But be sure thats what killed it or else you will kill the new one.
    Oil lines are prone to cracking, that may have killed it.

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    For $200, go for it! The pump is worth $300, the display is worth $250, plus a lot of other parts.

    I agree, the Mikuni oil pumps don't fail, but the hoses split and/or come off. Seizing a cylinder won't have any effect on the crank gears. However, the balance shaft bearings are lubricated by the oil pump. Perhaps one of those hoses came off.

    And, don't even THINK about putting an SBT engine in an Ultra 150!

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    Buy it. I grabbed an 03 with a blown engine for 300. Depending on the year it could be a better deal then mine!

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    X2 on staying away from sbt.. Anything sbt is bad news, their stuff is junk!

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    Also, since yall are saying sbt is crap, suggestions? PWC? What about engine parts from sbt? I have a full sbt in my waveraider 1100 and have had no problems

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    He said he would do $350 lowest. Still good deal right?

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