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    Thinking about buying a 2009 FX Cruiser SHO

    It's a fresh water ski with 69 hours. Anything I should know about with these skis? Any significant 75 or 100 hour maintenance that will need to be done? These superchargers don't need to be rebuilt at 100 hours like Sea Doos do they?

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    I have a 2006 and 2003 yamaha. I think the only thing you need to worry about is to make sure motor is healthy and that the ski looks like it has been taken care of. From my understanding some people have had goodluck with the sc and others have had to change them sooner. Just make sure the ski feels strong when you test ride it.

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    My wife's 2009 FX Cruiser SHO is at about 120 hours now with zero problems. I change the oil and plugs once per season, grease the steering, trim, and reverse bucket balls and cables every few rides, and grease the intermediate once per season. About 90-100 of its hours are salt water, so it gets a good flushing and washing after every saltwater ride. The only aftermarket stuff I've done is put on a blow-off valve (the old style plastic R&D type) and an R&D air filter. I'll probably start putting some of my spare parts from modding my FZR on it eventually, but nothing crazy.

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