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    2004 Yamaha FX HO Bilge pump problem

    I have two Yamaha FX HO's, and I just changed out the Batteries. I noticed that one of the skis bilge pump is not activating or running for 30 sec after shut down. I checked the pump and it is spinning freely, the connection plug is tight and clean and I have continuity at the plug going to the pump. Can somone please direct me to the most obvious place to start to look, fuses etc. I'm guessing I will need to access the big black rectangular compartment were it seems most of the electrical is contained. I have no problem disasembling the whole entire ski if need be, just trying to make this as painless as possible. Thanks for any help.

    ps, I will apply power and test the pump before I do anything else, it just got dark on me here in S Fl. I did check those three fuses behind the round screw cap, what are those anyways? Thanks.

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    Might post this in the Yamaha 4 Stroke this section is for mostly non PWC related things....

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