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    Angry Output shaft seal


    I just purchased a 2009 RXT IS 255 and made a real bonehead move.
    I connected it to a hose and ran it for about 15 minutes not realizing there is a time limit to do that so the carbon seal doesn't burn up.
    My question is how much and what kind of damage could I have done???????
    What should I look for?

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    Look for a black line across the bottom of the hull where the carbon seal is. If there is alot of black soot it may be time for a new ring. The carbon seal is cooled when the craft is sitting in water. Look for discoloration on the "hat" which is the metal ring that seals against the carbon ring towards the engine side. Also, the end of the carbon seal has about a 1/4" bevel, if the bevel is gone you need a new carbon seal. Always replace everything together, the carbon seal, hat, c-clip, bellows and clamps.

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    I just put it in the water and let it float for 30 minutes without running it, there was about 3 ounces of water that came out of the drain plug.
    Is that normal or acceptable?

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    hard to say. some people say there shouldn't be any water in the hull, others will say some is fine. I usually have some water in my hull after a day of riding. I would ride it for a while and keep an eye on the carbon seal for spraying water. if after 30minutes of riding you see water floating around than maybe its time to replace everything just to be safe.

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