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    Does a 1988 Sea Doo XP Limited use the same engine as a 2000 RX?

    Just wondering because I have a 2000 RX (carb) sitting in my garage with a bad motor and ran across a guy selling a 98 XP Limited with a busted hull for only $200. I'm thinking this is to good to be true as I was just getting ready to start trying to find a motor for the RX. I know they are both 951's so I was just wondering if the 98 Limited would directly swap into the 2000 RX?

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    Yes ,but you need to change the flywheel over as the 98 is a single coil and the RX a twin coil set up.The timing correction on the MPEM will have to be checked via Buds or Candoo system as well

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    Also I'm pretty sure the PTO is different too, but overall same engine setup.

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