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    Working on a GP1200R


    I am new to the site, and have done a lot of research on the GP1200R, as my brother in law has purchased one, and whilst going over it, I noticed a few issues.

    The main issue was the throttle was very slow to close, and closer inspection of the cable showed the throttle cable was fine, but the oil cable was "stuck".

    Once I had gotten to the front of the engine, I found the oil cable has been disconnected from the oil pump . On checking the oil pump , the actual valve on the oil pump is totally seized.

    The engine runs fine, and the petrol that was in the tank contains oil in it, not sure what type.

    So the question is .... in your opinions would it be safe to run on premix (40:1 / 50:1 mix) , and if so what is the best oil to use on this type of engine or is typical off the shelf motorcycle 2 stroke oil OK ?



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    I run a 40:1 mix in all my machines. You need an oil that won't gum up the power valves. You also should pop the cover on at least one power valve and check it for cleanliness and upgraded keepers.

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