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    97 GP 1200 Dying out at High Speed

    Hey Guys, I need help. I encountered a problem today. I have a 97 GP-1200 Non-PV. The engine is good and all 3 cyls are at 120 and also is equipped with an oil block off so it is premix. Brand new fresh gas with Dominator oil. The ski starts fine and idles fine too. The ski also runs strong at take off and will cruise all day at 30 to 40 MPH. The problem I have is when I run it at WOT, It dies off to nothing but does not stall. After a moment or two it will recover and run fine again at take off and at medium speeds. What could be the problem. Thanks ....

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    You either have a lean condition at high speed caused by dirty carbs or some other restriction, OR you could have a small exhaust leak that is causing it to die out, OR could be a bad tank check valve, OR.......

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    You may get better advice for your Yamalog on the appropriate forum... you posted this under Seadoo...

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