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    Wrong Oil in my 2004 GTX SC ?

    I guess that I did not do enough research before changing the oil in my GTX.

    I followed the instructions, but figured if Castrol was OK, why not Penzoil ?

    So I removed 3 quarts of oil, changed the filter and added back 10W40 Penzoil.

    Now, I've read a couple of posts here mentioning JASO MA or API SG ratings.

    The Penzoil is ILSAC G5.

    So - do I have a problem ?, what's the fix?



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    You already answered your own question. Don't risk damaging your engine due to a SC failure, change the oil.

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    I would change it twice... penzoil is bad for a wet clutch... prolonged riding with those additives WILL scatter your SC clutch.

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    that's what I did - change it twice. removing and replacing 3 quarts each time. I'll do another change in 10 hours or so.

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    Make sure you check your level by the directions and do it on the water, i get more than 3 quarts when i change mine. I run my level dead middle between the marks...
    The trick to getting more oil out is pumping out all you can, then pressing the throttle all the way and turning the engine over in "drown mode" for a few seconds then pumping out more oil. I do that twice.

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