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    2011 Seadoo RXP X 260as lost all dash and ignition

    Hi there wondering if someone can help me please, I got my 2011 rxp x to the dock after finishing riding for the day, I shut the engine off and was waiting for boats to clear. When I went to restart the start button wouldn't fire the ski up. The ignition key went on with 2 beeps but the start button wouldn't fire up the ski. Then after trying a few more times I lost all the dash and ignition when I put the ignition key back on now I dont have anything operating???

    Please help on suggestions on what it could be?
    Thanks heaps!

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    Check all of the electrical connectors going to the hood and gauge. Possible one came unplugged.

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    Have you checked your battery?

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    Check all the fuses

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    There was exactly the same problem a few weeks back, turns out it was a failed battery. Get yourself an AGM Deka or any clone made by East Penn manufacturing.

    You'll be pleased you did, check the forum for others who use AGM's.

    Double thumbs up from me, no more lead acid going in my hull!!

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