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    Someone needs to ask the stupid questions!

    Trying to get my head round the whole rpm limits (with n without tunes) and prop pitching.

    Is the 'perfect pitch' one which allows the rpms at WOT to be a shade under the limiter? (How far below rpm limiter is a good position to give some peak headroom?)

    So a too steep pitch will be too heavy on the engine and hold back the rpms?

    Where as a too shallow pitch will hit rpm limiter before getting any decent speed up?

    Does all this sound about right?

    Trying to understand the principles before I tinker too much!

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    yes you are spot on

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    also you should have the rpms closer to the max in cooler weather
    because when its hot you will loose a few rpms
    the max rpms can be closer to the limit on a flat water ski
    than a ski run in very rough water

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    You want the Most rpms you can get when you have a gear driven charger. More rpms= more boost.

    But at the same time you want to stay under the limiter or you will destroy the motor. On the limiter=lean=boom

    In cooler weather on flat water aim for at least 50 RPM under the limiter. (100 rpm under is what I would do)
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