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    Gp1200r pv servo wont stop

    Like the title says, my 01 gp1200r servo about every 15 seconds cycles then comes to rest. Everything worked fine last year. Started it up in the driveway for about 10 seconds for the first time this year and now it won't stop. This is day 3. I have now unhooked the battery for obvious reasons. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    First I would troubleshoot/test the servo, its easy to test.......If thats working fine i would manually open the valves to make sure there opening correctly while its running on the hose/lake water....could be the connections or will know if its either/or when you go down the chain...........

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    I will take a look today and make sure they are opening correctly. What would make the servo open and close them every 15 seconds even after hours of being off, i just thought they opened the rpms got higher. Guess i just don't understand if there is a sensor or somthing telling the computer they are not seated correctly etc and causing them to cycle. Ill tear into and see what i find. Thanks

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    i have seen that problem before, its related to the cables out of adjustments , the servo will try reset itself to the close position , thats why it keeps cycling.

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