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    so back to the pro 785 and i cant read a jet and i didnt know jets were made in 22.5

    so im just putting parts up and figured out why my ski was running like ass with the jets in it that i thought were 122.5 but but im a dumb ass and they were 22.5 i guess or just some random jets that dont belong in these super bn carbs idk they came out of a set of carbs for a 785 i did get the carbs from someone on here and they were the ones that came in the carbs

    so ok im putting them all in bags and i just notice that these are itsy bitsy holes like the size of a very very small welding torch cleaning kits ( i did not use the kit to do anything but see if its fits)

    but last weekend i put the 117.5 its still a little lean it seems on the bottom end im off all doy tom so im going to put the 115 that the red tops had in it yes i know its a smaller jet but im doing it for some testing and my own info on how lean and rich are actually different so now that this is all really dumb ass on my end..
    i ahve the 117.5 in the carbs now its almost perfect maybe half a second delay from idle after the pipes are cleared about 1 turn out on low speed adjuster

    i also have just been backing my jeep down into the lake and im not letting the ski idle out of waht would normally be a no wake zone

    next question is im doing all this playing and testing in 65 degree water and 70 on the air temp
    so when it 100 outside and my lake is at 81 how is it going to change my need for jetting

    if i understand it should mean the air is less dense meanning a 115 might b the jet i need once its actually hot outside because im getting less air in the chamber

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    i want to cry like actually cry

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