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Thread: 155 oil usage

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    155 oil usage

    my 05 155 85hr wake which i only purchased 2 months ago is using heaps of oil, like 1l/hr!
    i had it serviced before first use, and was assured it was all ok, including good even compression.
    from the beginning it would after a short while sound off the engine check alarm. stopping, then restarting would
    reset it, only to go off again, no limp mode. after approx 2hrs run time, it momentarily went into oil alarm/limp mode, overriding the existing check eng. alarm, so i idled back to the ramp.
    once home i ran it for a short time, then checked the oil, nothing showing on the dipstick, so took it back to the shop,
    and had it topped up, hoping it wasn't filled properly on it's service.
    used it again over the weekend for another 2 or so hours with the annoying engine check alarm going off. once again, after about 2hrs run time, a momentary oil alarm. shut it down, and once home i rechecked the oil level, and behold, not showing any on the dipstick. the coolant level is normal and clean. and there is no oil in the hull
    i can notice some blue smoke at idle, but at 1l/hr, it should be pluming out while under way, yet can't see any!
    despite oily plugs, it runs smooth, but max's out at only 6700rpm. it appears to have a solas impeller, so can't verify it's pitch.
    other than worn rings(at 85hrs??), can there be any other explanation?
    assuming i need to rebuild it, are these engines difficult to work on? i have worked on bike/boat/car engines, but totally naive on these.
    any advice greatly appreciated

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    Download a shop manual and check it out!

    These motors get pricey fast to open up.

    New bolts
    New gaskets
    New rings
    Oil pumps
    Timing chain

    Your probably looking at 2k to open it up and hone and rering it if you do it right and do it yourself.

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    yeah, it's going to add up, damn it. quote came in at around $3.5k. being new to ski's i threw caution to the wind, as i figured at 85hrs, it should be good for another 300/400hrs. there is always someone with something to hide

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    i spoke to a seadoo tech today and he suggested the TOPS switch may be faulty, and suggested that may be letting oil back in thru the intake tube, so is this possible? i disconnected it and the throttle body is quite oily, but not dripping with it.
    also, is it easy to remove the throttle body to give it a good clean?

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