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    2004 genesis no spark

    hi new to this forum. have a 2004 genesis with no spark.
    start stop switch operation
    stator output tested as per serv manual
    coil tested as per manual
    swapped cdi purple red wire to orange
    has 11.67v at cranking
    swapped start stop module out of 1200 inj model.

    is there any way to test cdi or any other ideas re no spark

    thanks in advance shaun

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    I would guess its the CDI. There really is no test for a CDI. Try holding down the bilge button while cranking. That will force battery voltage to the orange wire and power up the CDI bypassing the LR. THat would rule out the LR module.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yea I read that on this site have tried that.
    Will order a Cdi. Thanks heaps.

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