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Thread: Mirror repair

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    Mirror repair

    Hey guys, anyone successfully repaired a mirror or other plastic piece on their aquatrax. I have an 02 and bumped the mirror getting on. Didn't break it off, but put a crack in it that makes it wobble. i tried some loctite epoxy made for plastic, but it didn't hold. Wondering if anyone has found something that works. JB weld for plastic maybe. I know I should just go buy i new one, but I'm saving my pennies for a new ECM so I can ride for more than 40 minutes without the knock sensor issue

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    Auto body repair shops have a tool for "welding" plastic parts. Take it to the right shop and five minutes later, it's done. Whether they charge you 15 bucks or 50 defines what is the "right shop". I have never found a good glue for this.

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    that epoxy should had done the trick but try a Bumper repair kit that will work it uses webbing to strengthen the crack.

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    I have some used mirrors and also stock new. I Have new ECM in stock as well.

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