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    05 sea doo rxp wont turn over unless jumped from battery replaced solenoid??

    I am new to posting to this forum however I have used information Ive been able to attain from here religiously. I have been slowly putting a 05 sea doo rxp back together, and making some improvements along the way. I bought the machine at auction with a completely blown motor, and had an engine built with a stainless valve upgrade, titainium retainers/springs etc. This ski has the full stage 3 upgrade by riva, I ran the ski for about 4 hours and blew a crank bearing, so the shortblock went back to once again be rebuilt. Now with everything back together it is having some starting issues. At first all was well cranked and started right up, however slowly it has started not to turn over with the start button but the button is engaging the fuel pump because when the key is put in the fuel pump engages for approximately 10 seconds and then stops, every time i hit the start button it reengages the pump so I dont know. If I jump the pos battery terminal to the starter wire it turns over. But not with the start button also should mention i have power everywhere else trim gauges etc. I replaced the solenoid with one off another 05 rxp that was working perfectly fine when I took it off and still nothing. I have checked all fuses and everything checks out. Any ideas? This is so frustrating I live in upstate NY and dont have a long season as it is so I want to be on the water asap. Thank you for reading and any ideas are much appreciated.

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    I've been having a similar issue. it seems for me once i jump the solenoid briefly it will turn over with the start switch again for a couple times. i have pulled my starter apart and found bad corrosion. it might be worth having a look in yours and see if there are some bad parts etc.

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    sounds like the starter selenoid is also bad (again), OR maybe bad start/ stop wires in the handlebar harness.

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    You have the exact problem as what I have right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho rxp View Post
    OR maybe bad start/ stop wires in the handlebar harness.
    thats also a possibility. could try checking your ground wires too. not just for connection but for continuity between ends also. could be corrosion inside the wire.

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    if you can start it by jumping your solenoid.. it is the solenoid.. if it wont.. check.. the starter switch..
    dont be scared for the sparks haha.. watch the fuel vapors..

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