Couple of quick questions, one easy and another easy for some

Firstly in regards to the MTX-L i was wondering if anyone knew the pinout for the serial connector

I ask this as i have just aquired one off a friend that he had laying about in his shed for.... dunno, a long time lol
it seems to be complete but missing this serial cable so im unable to go check the settings are correct and install it etc
This cable is what i wish to make with locally sourced parts instead of ordering and waiting two weeks or more for postage (yay remote ol perth)


07 RXT 4" front air
I have just picked up some flex hose and have routed it, i was wondering what the standard way of installing the end and subsequently the filter is?

Is it fed to the front then looped back to face the opening in front of the seat (so when you look through hole you see open hose)
Is it routed to the front of the hole and then cut at that point so that when you look though the hole you see pipe facing up and forward (or filter if installed)