IJSBA Rule Change

Back Deflectors MANDATORY for Racing!

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Attention All Racers!!!
Just a reminder to all Ski participants of the upcoming Jettribe West Coast Nationals at the Blue Water Resort & Casino, the IJSBA has made it MANDATORY for back protection for the 2014 season.

Please see the new rule:

17.3.4 Back protection is mandatory for all Ski competitors with the exception of Freestyle.
By January 1, 2014, all Ski competitors shall be required to wear a spinal column protection device capable of distributing, diffusing, or absorbing impact. Protection devices may be rigid or soft material capable of absorbing and distributing an impact sufficient to reduce injury. Devices must not be capable of absorbing water. Where there is doubt that the device covers the required area of the spinal column, the following measurement shall be used: No greater distance shall be allowed than two inches below a horizontal line between the top of both shoulders and no less distance shall be allowed than three inches below a horizontal line between both hips. The Race Director shall have final determination of whether the back protection used by a rider is adequate. Back protection, protective footwear and eye protection are recommended for all riders in all competition events.
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