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    SeaDoo Warranty Help

    Hi all,

    kinda off the wall question here but plz bare with me...

    just got a brand new SeaDoo GTR 215 that came with a 2 year manufacturers warranty as a promo and I was wondering, How log do I have (or does SeaDoo/BPR) give you to purchase additional manufacturers warranty?? It still has ZERO (0) hours as I have not been able to ride it yet due to weather but I would like to buy additional years but don't want the pressure from the dealer try try and grab yet more money out of my pocket at once...

    Can I buy additional warranties (Years) as long as the boat is still under warranty or do I have to do it before so many hours on the boat??

    What's been your experience??

    Thanks for your help..

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    I got 4 years with mine for $1600 more

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    I got 4 years for free on my 14' RXPX!

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    You have until the end of the first year of factory warranty, no matter the hours. Once you go into the extended warranty, you can not add. I can sell you the warranty as well if you would like. Pm me if interested.

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    Tiny is the way to go...
    Just my .02

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