Hello, I ve baught a 04 RXP from a friend, sitting dismantled for 6 years.

I have dismantled engine for replacing valves.
Major parts I have to buy:
- new compressor (old one missing)
- valve set, gasket set, bolt set
- front hood and gas shock assy (both upper and lower)
- LH sponson and cover
- drive shaft bearing
- instrument panel (if not repairable)
- front engine mount
- steering cable
- starter relay
- many other small parts

If anyone have som information or advise aboat what parts to use, and if there is something more, especially with the engine that I should change/ upgrade when Im working on it. example, should I change oil restrictor for oil to top?

Another thing I wonder is, what the differneces between the 215 and the 260 HP engines, Could i upgrade it to 260 HP?

Great forum and a lot of information

Best Regards