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    Exclamation serious problem with Vtech

    Hi !, I tell you:
    Model ski : RXT X 260 RS
    Year :2013
    Options: vtech 8.500 normal version, air filter 4", Springs supertech, IC Riva, frpr Riva, solas 15/21A
    Top speed: 118-120km/h
    Top rpm: 8.500- 8.520 rpm

    PROBLEM: my ski get the top speed and rpm when the throttle is only open 3/4 and the last quarter my throttle does not get more rpm or speed ....Why?

    What is the solution?
    Thank you very much.

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    Hard to explain what your asking, but sounds like your on the limiter of 8500, you want to be below it not on it you could go boom! If your rpms are 8500/8520 your on the limiter and wont go faster.

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    The tune is not the problem. You need a steeper pitched prop. Or have more pitch added to yours.

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    I belive that Vtech have 2 melodies : agr and normal
    Agr = 3/4 throttle = top speed = for races aceleration
    Nor= 4/4 throttle = top speed = for races offshore

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    The title is maybe too agressive for the problem... V tech did a good job on your ski

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