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    Thumbs up Fx SVHO MoTeC M1

    I recently bought a Fx SVHO. I installed the listed mods below as soon as I bought it and broke it in as per the manual with the mods. Next thing I did was installed M1 which was on my Seadoo 260 RXPX that I sold last year, I bought the Yamaha M1 wire harness from Ivan at PowertecUAE (our local MoTeC dealer in UAE). Regarding the base startup file what I did is basically downloaded Fx Sho 2008 file package from MoTeC website and adjusted the injector values to be able to use ID 1000 and 3 bar map sensor. I changed the overall fuel trim value from +6 to 0 and lambda values were spot on as per the fuel aim table.

    My results were amazing I couldn't believe it an average RPM 8450 top speed on hand held GPS 78.6 MPH with full fuel tank, neutral trim level, stock impeller and stock ride plate. I didn't want anymore for now. My lambda was in the range of 0.81-0.82 at full throttle. That's it, I am very happy with the result. Yamaha did a great job with the new SVHO upgrade and MoTeC what can I say its a really powerful ecu.

    My Mods are:

    -New Fizzle intercooler with dedicated cooling line from pump
    -Riva air filter
    -Riva sound suppression delete mod
    -Riva intake grate
    -Deleting intake ribbon
    -Replaced 70C thermostat with a 2009 50C thermostat, stock cooling with blocking intercooler line
    -ID1000cc injectors
    -Riva valve retainers
    -3 bar map sensor

    Finally I would like to thank Nils888 for all his support with MoTeC M1 and Jerry for making all parts available.

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    I think this si only the start.
    85mph are not impossible for this ski and your mods.

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    You should be faster. Got your RPMS up to around 8600

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    With retainers already in he could easily turn 8800

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    Well done .. I'm sure you have more power to unleash in this ski .... Look forward to seeing higher numbers from your ski

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    No tunnel reinforcement? If I knew that was going to crack soon as I started going faster it would be on order before I even pick the ski up

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