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    98 SLTH loses spark after hitting kill button

    Working on a 98 SLTH 700 that has me baffled. Installed new battery, hit starter and it starts right up. Pull plug wires to kill it, put them back on and it starts right up. Cut off air to carburetor , then hit start button and it starts right up. Push the KILL SWITCH, it dies and loses spark........only way to get spark back is to unhook battery and re hook it back up and you now have spark and it starts right up. OK Polaris Guru's ......whats wrong......Thanks

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    See my signature links regarding the Service Bulletin PWC-00-05. This wiring change corrects a no-warm-restart problem with some red domestic engine CDI.

    I suspect that if you left the engine sitting for more than five minutes after you use the kill switch, it would then start up properly.

    If it only fails to restart shortly after engine shut down, then make the wiring change.

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