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    What an exciting/expensive Easter Weekend

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    So what do you think I'm looking at:
    New SC - would like to go with something a bit bigger than the current shredded B1 but that I can safely use 89-93 gasoline with mods below
    New Shaft - I believe RIVA has an upgraded shaft?
    New Clutch - The new Gen 3 clutch?
    New Housing - Can I just find a used one from someone that upgraded theirs?

    Final question, I know when I tow people on a tube it sounds like it puts strain on the motor and for some reason I notice water in my hull (quite a good amount). Could towing people causae the shaft to break?
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    Wow, how did that happend

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    I am going to guess the bearing/shaft took a crap at full tilt and it ate itself at that point.

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    Or the nut was over tensioned when the new wheel was installed

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    Did u get hurt? Hopefully not........

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    Not sure what exactly caused it. But it looks like the nut broke off which from what I'm told it potentially better than something in the rear of the housing breaking?

    Ski has about 104 hours. I got a complete rebuild at 72 at which point I installed B1, I think I reused the stock shaft. Max rpms achieved with the R2 is 8160. I'll no doubt change my prop as I'm going to look to go with an E1. I have a good price on a twin prop that I'm going to test.

    My weekend consisted of me towing a few people Sunday and doing some normal runs. I took a few people out for a ride on Monday. The last ride I started the motor and heard a bit more noise than you normally hear from our SC but everything ran fine so I didn't worry (hindsight says I should've just shut down then). Went out of the to 200' marker and began to accelerate and it fluttered at 6K. First thing I said was great clutch is gone. I eased off then gradually accelerated again and it bogged at 4K and then just shut down to like 2K. I looked at the back of my ski and there was a ton of blue smoke. I stopped the ski took off my seat and inspected and saw no smoke. Started and limped back to the beach. Then I found about 8 guys and we lifted the ski from the water and took it up the beach and placed on my trailer.

    I would still like to hear from some people if towing people on a tube would put any unwanted stress on the motor and or SC. The max weight for the ski I believe I saw on the side is like 700lbs? I'm 207 after some burgers, my son is on the back watching for who falls off; he's a lean 60lbs. Then it's a max of about 350-375lbs worth of people on the tube. Another concern as well is that I notice more water in my ski when I tow people. When I'm starting off I don't hammer it, I gradually build up keeping it at about 5-6K until it can plane off. Thoughts?

    Another question, where did the shrapnel from the SC Impeller end up........ Am I going to have to tear down my motor?

    1200stx - only thing hurting is my wallet at this point.

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    looks like you were using the stock supercharger shaft ? if so that is your problem right there.if you are considering a bigger wheel its cheap to upgrade your R2 to an R3 or better yet an R4.having ridden both i would also advise against the E1 in favor of a ET 15.5 with an R&D shaft.if what you want is more mph skip the twin prop stay with your prop and get yourself an R&D or a stock plate with jim's cut.hope this helps

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    I run Et low boost wheel and stock shaft with no issues

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    I'd stay away from the riva wheels and most guys around here would recommend the etech 15.5 over e1 all day. Both Rd and the riva make aftermarket shafts. Haven't heard a lot of feedback o. The newest riva shaft which means its either great or being used as much. I think the Rd shaft is more popular.
    Rd also makes a water cooled front housing. Keep an eye in the classifieds. I scored a front housing there.
    What clutch setup are you using??

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