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    05 RXP freshen up

    In the process of replacing an engine in an 05 RXP. Machine was used mostly in salt water and lost compression at the end of last season. Been doing research and nowstarting the replacement process. My desire is to build a strong/dependable/torquey ski to enjoy at the beach on weekends –not looking to race or set any speed records, and don't want to get into the ECU mods. So here goes:

    • Sent supercharger to Jerry for rebuild.
    • Ordered 4” Fizzle Air Intake (taking advantage of the sale)
    • Planning to order SBT Premium engine (don't have time for rebuilding myself)
    • Researching aftermarket exhaust options(could use a suggestion here)
    • Thinking about 42# Bosch Injectors, but not sure if these require stock ECU mods (could use suggestions here)
    • Planning to order Fizzle XS Intercooler kit
    Beyond the other misc. odds and ends(carbon ring seal, oil pump, sensors, etc), these are my plans for the major components. Will certainly appreciate feedback and thoughts from others. I'm a bit of a newbie, so go easy!

    Bill (Maryland)

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    Don't get 42 lb injectors unless you get an X supercharger, it will do nothing for you. With that, getting one of those and a prop (14/19 I believe) will give you the biggest increase in torque for relitivley cheap. No computer tuning needed.

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    While your sc's at Jerry's have him drop in a 127...then get those 42's, an exIC and a 15/20.

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    I just had a Fizzle IC installed in my 04 RXP and I was running over 73 mph (flat still water). Stock ECU and SC. 14/19 impeller. Very happy with setup. With the Fizzle Air Intake, you have have even better performance.

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