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    new to kawasakis but not to watercraft. ultra 250x few issues.

    i have an 04 seadoo rxp put into a boat and also a 96 polaris slt780 in a boat.

    my new project is a kawasaki ultra 250x also put into a boat.

    last season we ran the ski with the flyboard a little bit. it didn't give much thrust so decided to put it into an aluminum jet boat. when we pulled the motor out the seals on the driveshaft were worn and no longer sealed. (where it comes through from the impeller). this would have caused cavitation and is probably the reason it didn't perform well with the flyboard. motor seemed to be fine though apart from sometimes it would surge up and down in rpm.

    also have come across a few things since putting it into the boat. oil is leaking from somewhere. haven't found the leak cos its not a big one and only seems to leak while running. doesn't leave a stain or any residue anywhere that can be seen.

    also the supercharger seems to be really loud. makes a kind of rattling noise. didn't notice it in the ski but it was a lot more insulated in the ski.

    any ideas and suggestions of things to check? i don't know much about the kawasakis.

    thanks in advance

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    things to check :

    1.) belt tension
    2.)tensioner bearing
    3.)s/c pulley bearing
    4.) update pump/driveshaft assembly to 300X specs with double bearing assembly

    other things to check.....

    the head is prone to cracking,

    if the pump hasnt been updated or rebuilt, check it for end play in the bearings....

    if there is significant movement in them check the crank for end play as well as this could be a sign the motor is on its way out.

    there is also a revised method of routing the cooling hoses on the motor and pump to keep the intercooler water temp down.

    as far as the oil leak. it is possible you didnt tighten a hose when you reinstalled it in the aluminum boat and it could be seaping from somewhere.

    if you search the site there is also a guide on cleaning out the intercooler, updating the catch can/modding it to drain it as the boats have been known to have a GIO problem

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    thanks will check all this next time out. end play doesn't sound good... what is a GIO btw?

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    GIO=Gas In Oil

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    been out on the river. checked for oil leaks and found oil seeping from what i believe is called the head gasket? its on the block second gasket down. leaking only on the side the supercharger is on.

    couldn't check for end play yet as need to pull the engine for that?

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    i should mention the engine is now in front of an aftermarket river boat pump so the bearings and stuff with the driveline no longer apply.

    heres the pump if your interested.

    its more for durability than performance (top end speed) as the rocks from the river give jet ski jet units a pretty rough time.

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    Update on this motor.... found the oil leak. there is some oil lines behind the supercharger cast into the side of the block. turns out the wrong gasket was used by some cowboy and it didn't include a step around these lines. essentially there was no gasket so of course it leaked. when the mechanic changed the gasket he found loose bolts everywhere. i know the guy who owned the ski before was not in the practice of looking after stuff. so i think there was some luck involved it was not worse.

    checked all the bearings and belt tension etc for the supercharger. it was all in spec and after fixing the oil leak also put in a bigger supercharger pulley

    should go good now... find out next weekend

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    Hope you added more fuel.....

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    Larger pulley will overfuel it as boost will be down. Sure you didnt go smaller? Which creates more boost more power.

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    yeah i meant smaller... more boost and more power but an engine code now and limp mode.... the code is something about air intake pressure or map sensor? i don't know it exactly right now. it ran great for an hour or more then hit limp mode and wouldn't come out.

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