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    Sea-Doo Spark: How Much Does It Really Cost?

    I found this video from Yamaha! This is bullshit! Seadoo Sparks are way better and more fun than those crap VX models!

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    again comparing two different things, just aweful. they dont have add-ons? why dont they show there addons and the increased price? It starts at $4999 and he keeps showing the price going up but its still cheaper then theirs.

    lets see them side by side in the water and what they can do.

    110HP @ dry weight of 712lbs vs 60 or 90 HP @ 405Lbs. hummm..

    Notice how they dont show the final cost of the Spark. they just skip with to theirs

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    Haha, nice to see the effort Yamaha put into this, it clearly shows how they see the Spark as a threat... Poor bastards. Lol anyone noticed the sounds they made when they lifted the top deck off - time to hit the gym i think....

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    Wow this video is unbelievable, after all that down talking, you think Yamaha will build a plastic watercraft?
    I'm not going to lie, they do have some valid points, like the up unrepairable hull, that's why when I insured with Farmers I went full policy coverage on my spark with the lowest deductible.

    All the other points about removing the top deck is garbage, I love that I can do that.. So no points there.. What about salt water? What have you guys seen (you Australians that beach ride) how's the hull doing with salt water?

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    Sounds like Yamaha is getting desperate..not to mention Comments are disabled on Youtube as well.. I wonder why ? LOL

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    I just looked at the other video "hidden costs"... Wow.. At first it was ok, but for Yamaha to lie again? That's pretty sad.. The gentleman mentioned the fuel tank capacity again, and he made it sound like it's not enough fuel to last the whole day,what he failed to mention is fuel consumption compared to the Yamaha VX

    So once again Yamaha slanted the truth to a lie for their benefit, that's when the buck stops for me. Pretty tasteless for me really.

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    they are just too different to campare, GTS and VX I can see them argue, but not with the spark.

    I suggest they bring back the waveblaster with a starting price in the range of $5k and then lets start the fued.

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    Let's compare the spark hull to the yamaha nano hull that has been shown to crack, or all the new Yamaha's with paint peeling. It's sad yamaha has to put down an innovative product. A company with integrity that truly believes all that will sit back and let the product fail, not trash it and hope they are right

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    Sounds exactly like a negative election ad !!! Stooping pretty low there Yamaha !!!

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