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    Gp1200r help with my mods

    Hi all I've got a gp1200r and would like some help with the best way on going forward with my mods.
    the mods I've got are as followed.
    r&d 145psi heads
    protec tube
    tdr water box
    Riva free flow
    R&D module (what kind of setting shall I use)
    carbon fibre reed valves
    orotec reed stuffers
    carbs jetted to 135mains & 95lows (uk spec)
    cokes removed
    fuel line flap removed (inside tank)
    Reserve removed
    prok air filters
    13/19 solas prop
    riva scoop
    riva trim tabs
    R&D ride plate
    r&d auto drop nozzle
    R&D pump shoe kit.

    heads,tdr waterbox and r&d module are still waiting to be put on ski.
    im hoping to get some advice on if I should add or change anything on the way.
    its my everyday riding ski and would like reliability but leave my mates behind

    many thanks in advance

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    IF you have a GP1200R, it would not have come with reverse. Do you have the XLT by chance?

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    He said reserve (meaning extra fuel)

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    Read this thread click here

    For preventative maintenance, I would also install:

    Wave-eater clips
    Pump tunnel reinforcement
    Step the sponsons if they are stock
    Removal of the Cat-Con and install a RIVA D-Plate or Jetworks O-Plate
    Holeshot kit a.k.a. Fercho Jetworks Mod
    RIVA or R&D Gp1200R Intake Grate (REMOVE THE STOCK INTAKE GRATE) the stock grate is known for pump stuffing.
    For the age of the ski, inspect the plastic steering nozzle. They have been known to break from age and UV attack. Install a new OEM metal steering nozzle from the new were model skis or replace the plastic one with a metal aftermarket nozzle or new OEM nozzle.

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    I've got a riva scoop grate, riva sponsons, R&D auto drop nozzle and pump seal kit all installed ready.
    I'll be doing the pump tunnel reinforcement very soon.
    will all the mods I've got work well together or would I need to alter something?? I've got the R&d heads 145psi and would like to know how to set up my R&D module??

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    The Protec Turbo tube and TDR box are going to cause performance loss, in that your RPMs will be lower and top speed will be reduced. If your looking for top speed that is, the TDR box is just loud and offers no performance gains- the Turbo Tube is good for low end but the stock pipe with a jetworks mod will give you bottom end and still a good top end. If you have the R&D ecu, its the same as a Riva- Heres are the instructions-

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    Sorry for delay in replying, tdr box has been sold and protec tube will be sold after I've set up carbs as it's much easier to get to carbs, then I'll be going oem pipe, d plate and jetworks mod. Thanks guys

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