as the title says i have 2x iPhone 4 for sale. these are with sprint. i am no longer with sprint.

one is white the other is black. condition is great on both. the white one is flawless. it was actually a replacement when my wife decided to go swimming with the original refurb on we got from sprint. so it was bought new from the apple store with the out of warranty program.

the black one was new from the start. its in great shape as well but does have a cpl scratches over the camera lens. i still can not figure out how that happened but they do not have any effect on pictures.

looking for $100 per phone. they are worth that in parts. the black one has an original brand new wall charger (never used) and ear buds (never used), the white one has a monoprice wall charger. They have the original sync cables plus some cables from monoprice. each has a ballistic case with it.

i am at work so no pics right now but i can post some if anyone is interested.