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    Best way to patch hole on bottom of Ski

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to patch a hole on the bottom of my ski. I know how to do the actual work. Sanding, Fiberglass, Epoxy, Finishing, that's the easy part.

    My problem it getting the ski flipped over to be able work on it. I have done it before on another ski but at the time I had 4 of my friends come over to help flip it over. This time I don't have that option or a least I won't between now and Memorial day.

    Any ideas how to safely gain leverage to flip it over? Do I just try to do the work upside down? Its only about a 4" X 6" area and its not a hole yet but its starting to get splintered from being beached and I would like to take care of it before it gets any worse.

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    well this is probably a little more than your looking to get into but I saw it on YouTube and thought it was pretty cool.

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    I would work from bottom side ... just wear protective goggles & mask .... good luck

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