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    surf riding with flame arrestors?

    It's getting warmer in my area and I want to start doing some surf riding with my gpr, but I'm worried about water Ingestion with running flame arrestors...I've been doing river and lake riding and have already had issues with sucking up water during hard turns/spins. What I'm wondering is what solution there is to this...does anyone still make a splash guard or is there a pattern to make one floating around the forums? Should I run pre-filters on the F/As? Do I go back to the factory airbox? I'm going to get a bilge pump ordered...but what other things should be done before hitting the beach?

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    If you are serious about wave jumping I would go with the gutted airbox with the filter/arrestor, most of the gain comes from removing that rediculous stock intake contraption they got in there. A bilge pump will definitely help get rid of water sloshing around in hull reducing the chances of water ingestion as well.

    Also check your rubber seal under the lip of the front bucket, it is probably shot. I redid mine with that foam weather strip stuff and a lot less water gets through and the hood doesn't bounce around as much in chop.

    Another thing to do is cut your seat latch, turn it into Swiss cheese with a drill bit or zip tie it to prevent your seat from popping off. GPR's have been known to partially sink when they come down ass first hard and water shoots through the grab bar pushing the seat latch up and the seat comes off.

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