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    OH man, please help me with this decision, ULTRA 150

    bought my first jet ski last month, ran well, then started having issues. you can read the "my first i have an issue" post below. So i decided to take it to the dealers, "friend of a friend." Before i took it i relized it was not getting fuel, and the primer line was leaking, i replaced the primer and plugs it ran well but then would start sounding rough, almost mean sounding. so i took it in to get an opinion, he thinks the fuel pick up line in the tank is breaking apart and deterating. He said its running lean and he can see the top of the line rotting away. "hes almost positive that is the issue" and my gas guage isnt working so he thinks that whole assembly isnt working. kept calling it "fuel pickup line". anyways he wants around 700-900bucks to replace it cause the motor would have to get pulled to get to the tank.. i paid 2000 for the ski, and it is my first. i want things to work out but i am lost..should i drop another 800 bucks in this thing just to replace a line?? Should i be upfront with whomever and just sell it? is this guy right? i know i am an idiot but i need advice greenhulk!! someone point me in the correct direction, please...does this issue sound familiar with anyone? the motor has 76 hours on it..i want to keep it but at the same time i am lost...

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    Your probably getting a good deal when he says 700-900 to replace it. haha That fuel tank is not meant to come out and the motor is just the start. I believe you have to take the entire steering out,that middle brace, and the oil tank. I'm not 100 percent sure you can get to that fuel pick-up without removing the entire fuel tank, I don't think you can. If your at all mechanically inclined, pulling the motor isn't hard. you could maybe work out a deal with the gym and you pull the motor yourself and he does the rest. That would also give you time to inspect your motor for arising issues. With 76 hours its getting close to 100 where everyone says they recommend you rebuild carbs, replace gas/oil lines and inspect reeds and gaskets.

    If you do decide to part ways with the project in hopes you'll find something else, I've got a guy looking for a complete motor, this would be perfect for him.

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    Engines does NOT, have to be pulled, or even touched to replce the Fuel pickup and sending unit on a 150.
    Remove seat
    Unbolt the cross member infront of the engine (bolts are behind the rubber knee mats) Remove any cable zip ties to it.
    Then you can see the fuel assembly.
    Label each of the 4 hoses with masking tape so you know where they go back. 3 in a line one off set center.
    Disconnect Fuel sending unit electrical plug.
    Losten the band clamp holding the sending unit to the top of the tank (there are 2, the top one)
    Lift the sending unit out of the tank and tilt to the right, it will come out, you just have to be patient, out the the right, move slightly to the rear and you will have the fuel pickup/sending unit in your hand.
    It's non servicable, you will need a new one
    Install the new one the same way you took the old one out. Reinstalling the hoses, zip ties, cross member and zip tie any wires that were to the cross member.

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    Let me out of here......I need to go on Greenhulk!
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    The lines inside the tank are a hard plastic. Doubt that they are breaking down and failing. The lines out side the tank, the ones that run from the pickup to carbs are rubber and could get brittle. Also could check the vent tube to make sure tis clear. But as Splash said you can get definitely get the pickup out without removing the motor or tank.

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    hey guys, thankyou for some insight! after some thought i am NOT going to give the guy the money, i guess i am going to try to fix it myself and swing for the fences, if i strike out i strike out. I have a couple more guestions, if i replace the whole assembly then the fuel guage should work? i read online about ohm testing it. "rubber knee mats" is that the hydro turf stuff? bolts would be under them for that cross brace? seems to be "easy" to replace the whole unit with directions like those. One thing that gets me wondering is why this guy thinks its the sending unit? what would get him to think that?? Anyone know where i could get one??

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    I have seen sending units start to break down, its good to check, also good to have the carbs/fuel pump gone though, whats the compression at?

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    the compression is good. ANYONE know where to get the whole sending unit? Can i still get a new one? or are only used ones available? AND does it have to be an 2002 or would a 99 work i found on craigslist? i thought i read 99 to 02 were the same skis and 03 to 05 are different.

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    The rubber knee mats are the two triangle rubber pieces on the vertical sides of the ski. There are 3 bolts on each side for the cross member. Glad to know the motor doesn't have to come out to replace to fuel sending unit. Keep us updated, I'm interested to see how it goes.
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    Pull it and see if its melting? befor you buy one if I remember there are filters on the bottome of each line on sender

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    i will do, but i dont mind buying a new one i just dont know where?? are they the same for all years?

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