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    2011 rxt260is fuse box

    Someone didnt clip the fuse box lid down correctly on my 2011 RXT260IS and the fuse box and all fuses have corroded severly and require replacement.

    How do you replace the fuse box?

    Are there instructions on this website?

    Also those long thin black 'fuses' are they circuit boards of some description?

    Also where could i get a 2nd hand fuse box from?

    after i fix this, i can THEN start ski and water flush test it so see where the water is leaking in from!


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    I've only owned a jet ski for 6months. And for the record, it WASNT ME THAT DIDNT CLOSE THE FUSE BOX LID CORRECTLY.

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    I think you're going to have a bigger problem than just the fuse box, as the contacts on some of those wires may are shot as well. They plug into the back of the fusebox, you'll need a special tool to get them out (2 long thin prongs). Those are the things the fittings (fuses and bus bars - those long thin prongs) connect into. The bus bars are there to link the electrical load across all of the contacts (wires) plugged in from the back.

    You'll have to chop off the existing connector and graft on a new connector, someone in another forum has given the correct plug type to get, suggest you buy a bag of em. Tiny may be able to help.

    She's a mess eh? You need to ensure you get everything back in exactly the same place you took them out of that's for real, or it wont go and you could end up frying everything.

    Good luck. And you can get all the bits, search the seadoo website electrical section for your ski for the part numbers..

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    I've been doing extensive research, Yes all i need to know if its just the standard female terminals (automotive spec ones)

    Priced them, bus bars,junction bar,fuses and thats it. seadoo aus is not my 1st choice.

    Plan to remove wires and clean all corrosion from the plastic fuse box... REPLACE whatever terminals on wires which need replacing,refit and see if engine starts THIS time...

    then... diagnose the water leak into the engine bay! Lucky I'm a mechanic and auto sparky so saving quite alot here and i by the end of this i will understand my ski alot better!

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