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    seadoo 260rxt vs kawasaki 310

    which one you recommand to buy

    According to this videoh ttps://
    seadoo beats them all by all indicators
    Most important third less fuel consumption than kawasaki

    im interested of this one GTX Ltd iS Magnesium, 18EB

    But better safe than sorry
    asking for a advice

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    Are you going to be riding mostly in lakes or ocean (rough or calm water)? Kawi is going to be more stable in rough water, accelerate faster, and as you mentioned is going to use a bit more gas.

    The GTX is going to have a bit more fun factor to it (better cornering, a bit less stable so it feels like it's going faster).

    Good luck in the decision. I wish I had to make that decision right now (I'd get the new Yami FX SVHO), but you didn't ask about that so I won't address it Good luck!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanel View Post
    im interested of this one GTX Ltd iS Magnesium, 18EB
    I love that ad!

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    My choice would be the Rxt x260 As Rs.

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