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    2 ski score

    Great site! I just purchased a 2 Polaris ski n trailer set, 95 SLX and 96 SLTX. This is my first ski venture. My intentions are for my wife and I to take our Two children out on them and occasionally run wild with a friend. We have a small lake and the Hudson River close by us in NY. The skis were on Ebay for $2,200 I ended up paying $1,600 with trailer with the transaction being off Ebay.. I saw both skis start up with no water attached for a 10 second period. They were originally from West Virginia but I got them in Pittsburgh. Overall I think the machines are in decent shape and we're only used in fresh water because of the lack of corrosion on engine components and jet housings. I see a lot of people parting these skis out (thank goodness for that) but I don't think mine were candidates for that.
    The SLTX has cracks in top side hull where the drivers feet reside. The cracks are on the floor then stem up the foot well. I am debating if I should pull motor and Styrofoam floatation to make a proper repair. The SLTX also has One dying cylinder (90psi). Plan there was to pull jug I'd piston, examine cylinder for a possible light hone and a re ring till season is over. Being it has 90psi not 60 psi I figure I might have a shot. It also needs a seat cover which I guess Blackfin is the best bet for $90? The stickers are faded and one side of the hull needs a scrubbing! The floor needs new matting, Hydrofoam I guess?
    The STX so far has gotten more of my attention. Pulled the fuel tank to re adhere styrofoam when I noticed the wired for the sending unit were not connected. Well they were but harness side was just looped to avoid the ECU from going into limp mode from a low fuel condition. Turns out Black wire is broke inside Plastic cap. I drilled a hole adjacent to original to run a wire but I'm second guessing that for $140 new one! I pulled carbs Opened em up checked internal filters they were spotless. Also checked pop off pressures which were close to upper spec at 18psi. Ran all new fuel lines. Reinstalled carbs with all new gaskets. I also checked reeds while I was in there. I had a bad drive shaft carrier bushing/seal so the propulsion is currently out. I need to check shaft run out before putting anything back together. Looks like new bearings in the stub shaft section though I think the prop is a little harder to turn than I'd like eating at available horsepower. Has anyone upgraded to a bearing style carrier or converted theirs? That's what's on my list. This carrier is whooped with only the water side seal in good shape. Bushings are an average between the two of .3 out! Should be .005 or about!. At the least a new unit is needed. The prop/housing is at the end of the spec. Prop looks straight. The diffuser behind the prop has some nicks and light bruises on leading edge, looks worse than prop. That machine needs a seat cover as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hunt down some older threads discussing vertical hull cracking on certain hulls from the same era. One of the Fuji engine era experts here might be able to more directly comment on which hulls seem to be vulnerable.

    My recollection (which may be incorrect) is the SLT hulls sometimes develop a vertical crack that eventually runs almost the whole distance from seat rim down to nearly the keel. If this is what is happening with your hull, it may be preferable to locate an undamaged hull rather than attempt repair.

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    Can't speak for the 1996, but we have had trouble with both the 97 and 98's. Same crack, in the same location

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pay close attention to any cracks developing in the hull reinforcements

    Maybe the cracks in the foot wells were from standing water freezing?

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    K447, as far as attempting a repair I know these years were made of a plastic not fiberglass. Watch a few 3M videos on you tube and go for it. Swapping everything over to a different hull isn't an option yet. Something close by and possibly newer with paperwork is key. Nog against it I've actually have been looking. Xlint 89, my cracks or crack is not like that. WOW. I'll post some pics today. The surface that runs up to the seat is still solid. Foot well to the outbound vertical that is compromised. The Ice idea ??? I can see standing then then pre loading ski prior to lift off for a jump being culprit. I have registration from West Virginia. Maybe try to get in touch with original owner may open my eyes to other things!

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