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    Connecting lanyard to jacket with no ring.

    I apologize if some of my questions are dumb. I've tried googling but can't really find answers.

    Our ski came with a lanyard and a metal quick release snap. It sinks. Even after I attached a float to it! It also has been frustrating to use constantly getting tangled up in itself. None of our jackets have anything to really clip the hook to so we are wrapping it around the jacket's Velcro strap and then clipping but since everything is within the one hook it's hard to use.

    On amazon, I see some floating ones that wrap around the hand but I don't think I like those. Seems like it would be easy enough for them to slide off the hand.

    I do see some kwik-tek ones on amazon that include a float and whistle. I like how the hook end of the lanyard is connecting to it's own part, not within the hook. I assume I can cut off the ones I don't need from the other end. But then that hook will probably be a pain on the wide straps of our jackets. I was thinking I'd take that other separate piece and just wrap that around the Velcro straps and always leave that on the jacket, but then there's only one. I tried finding other Velcro D rings but can't seem to find any.

    Man, I wish our jackets had a little flap at the bottom with a ring on it. If I want this to be as easy as possible am I going to have to sew some on?

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    Take the clip end and wrap it under you life jackets buckle strap...on the non movable side (usually the female half) and then clip it to itself. Don't use the buckle strap on the male half because Ive seen it slide off when the buckle is un done and it fell into the lake. Took 20mins to find it 1.5' deep. Now I require anyone that rides my GPR to use it how I described. This is how I use my lanyard that is almost identical to the one you hyperlinked.

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    I have a floating clip one and I just clipped it onto the strap of my jacket and works great. I always keep the factory wrist one in the storage space just incase something happens to the one on my jacket just for a backup when on the water.

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