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    Leave pwc serial

    I have a friend with a 2013 RXT riding his mujer.El carries a Vtech 8,375 rpm but it tells me that the pwc is too aggressive to ride with his wife and choppy seas.
    I said he spoke with his workshop and they tell you that the bike although he put all the pieces set, it will not be like before Vtech preparation.
    Is this true? Why?

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    nobody knows anything about if this is true?

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    He can change the engine mode from sport mode (aggressive) to Touring mode using the dash buttons
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    que tiene en su pwc 8.375 versión normal.
    pero siempre viaja con su esposa y le dice para ir con ella y montar la pwc en mar abierto es muy agresivo ... pero le preocupa que no es la moto tan buena como acciones, incluso mediante las piezas originales ... Es cierto que no son tan buenos como valores?

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    Hay mas de un mapa para ese Jetski si esta mui agresiva la mula entonses que le cambie el modo de deportivo a recreacional

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    He just wants to leave the series, think that always rides with his wife in the open sea and the Vtech 8,375 rpm Normal mode, the pwc they do something radical.
    But he said that the bike would lose performance and do not reach the frame speed as before the installation used for Vtech ... is this true?

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    Amigo spanish or english but no spanglish it just confuses us all

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    Lo siento por mi "spanglish" Estoy Ayudando a DEJAR hacer de Valores, Pero si pwc Tengo Una pregunta y No Se SI DEJAR ALGUNAS contradictorio Opcionales Que se lleva: - Termostato Riva: Hace el termostato Florerias influir en la Relación aire / combustible de mí ECU? Puede del del Compensar la Menor Temperatura De que el pecado motor Funciona sin 168 ° F? - Muelles Supertech: can move the oem motor ( 8.040 rpm ) the spuertech springs? Es ESTO ASI? Es Mejor que nos instalamos muelles OEM? Espero Que entiendas mi spanglish,I work hard to understand me . Muchas gracias Por Su Ayuda eveyone

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    Mándame tu número telefónico. ( pm me your phone that way you can explain in what ever language you like.)

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    I don't think the ski is the problem here. It sounds like the riding conditions are the real issue, ie "choppy seas".

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