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    Lightbulb Doubt about Rxt-255 x configuration

    Dear all ,

    I'm writing there for asking you about a configuration that I want to use on an Rxt -x 255 m.y. 2008.
    I want to use the xx-Charger with fuel pressure regulator with 60 psi of static pressure and rising rate rate on , without fuel injector and ecu .
    I dont' want to use ecm and injectors because I don't want to increase the rpm .
    I know well that it isn't the best setup , but for you could it work correctly ?
    With the stock 42 lbs injectors and fuel rising on , could cope the fuel afr correctly till 8100 ?

    Stock compressor pump 9psi @ 8100 rpm
    XX charger pump 13,5 psi @ 8100 rpm

    Anyone tried this ?

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    buy a ET wheel and you'll need 48s

    Any single thing you can think of people have tried unless you go custom.

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    I don't buy any Et , I've already the xx charger .

    So If I write there probably I need to know if anyone have tried it

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