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    New Owner of a 2008 RXP-X..some questions!

    So I just picked a 08 rxpx with a Riva stage 1 kit and it's wicked fast I love it. The exhaust box(?) was removed and it's annoyingly loud when cruising at 4-7 mph but sounds great once I get on it so it will not change...for now. My buddy has a 11 RXT-X and I personally think it's too big. It's great for long runs in choppy water but not as fun as mine IMO BUT what I do love are three accessories/features it has:
    1. Hand brake/Reverse...IBR? I absolutely love this! My reverse is horrible IMO.
    2. Seat - how it comes up to keep the rider from moving back - Back/butt support???
    3. Seat Shock - My seat is not attached to the hull via a shock/support like the 11 RXTX where it lifts up similar to the hood of car.

    My question is will I be able to add these features to my 08 RXPX? And I mean OEM Parts nothing custom. Has anyone installed any of these or heard of someone attempting to?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Nope. You can't add these.

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    That's not acceptable! I think I found a new project...

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    good luck. If you want s3/t3 items you need a s3/t3 ski. Otherwise the process for the harness, ecu, ibr etc.. will cost you the price of a iBR ski

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    Welcome to Greenhulk. Good luck.

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    Thank you. What I was thinking off the top of my head was relocating the reverse cable(if it even is a cable) for the bucket to drop to the left grip e.g. like the brakes on a bicycle. More for ease of control when reversing cause if I really have to use the brake for "safety" reasons I'm doing something wrong IMO.

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    the "IBR" is a lot more than just a bucket and cable...

    it's a computer controlled motor, so you don't stuff the nose of the ski into the water under braking..

    1:30 mark will show what will happen if you hit reverse while moving on your ski..

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