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    Please help Any Ideas??? 98 kawasaki 750 stx

    Newbe Question.
    Just bought a bone stock 98 kawasaki 750 stx from a close friend of mine that just wants it gone from his garage. He really has no knowledge of how to work on one. So He winterized it and put it in garage and there it set until now.
    Last time he had it out i was with him and i was actually riding it and it was running great in every way when this occurred.
    It burnt a hole in the rubber pipe that goes from the cast muffler to the water muffler. The other rubber pipe that goes from the water muffler the hull is in fine shape.

    Any Ideas what would cause this?

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    More than likely a blockage of the cooling system..

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    I know this is going to sound dumb but do you mean a block in the cooling water going to the exhaust.
    Does the cooling system send water into the exhaust? Sorry i dont know much about jet ski.

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    It could be any where in the cooling system starting at the pump, do you think you went through any debris last time out?

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    Could have. Dont remember going through any but ya never know. So i should start at pump and check from there on? I guess the next question would be is how the cooling system operates. Im a ASE certified auto mechanic and i have good knowledge of outboards just new to PWC.

    Any one know where i can get a 98 kawasaki stx 750 Service Man download?

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    Does water come out the peehole on the side of the 'Ski? If so, the pump is working.

    Your boat has a water cooled exhaust, which keeps the rubber parts from melting. Obviously, that part isn't working. There are some small holes in the exhaust gaskets that limit flow. They may be plugged.

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    Thanks all. I believe i found the problem. Started going though the cooling system in reverse starting at the pump. When i got to the muffler and took the two half's apart
    i found that the second half has a crack on the bottom through the outer water jacket letting some of the water escape into the hull instead of getting to the rubber
    exhaust hose causing it to get too hot and melt. Guess he never noticed that because of the water getting suck out of the bilge.
    Guess there was just enough water in the outer jacket left to freeze because there wasn't any water anywhere else as i took the components apart.

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