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    new GTR 215-- HELP!

    not sure if this is normal or not but it has not happened in any of my other PWCs including my other SeaDoos...

    when I put my SeaDoo key in the engine cut off "socket" to start it it takes 2,3, sometime 4-5 "resetting" the key in the socket before its recognized and hence give the 2 short beeps and allow me to start the darn thing- It now has 6 hrs and it's been doing it since I started it at the dealer where I bought it and most of the time same thing.. I have tried "waking" the electrical system up before pluggin, after pluggin, no luck. in my previous Seadoos the thing recognized as soon as I plugged the key in. on this one it does absolutely nothing when I plug in- when I wake system up it sits there "Readding Key"... but most of the time nothing.. wth is going on??

    Also, is there a "tool kit" that should have come with this thing like any other PWC, ATV, motorcycle, etc, etc I have ever bought regardless of year or model???


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    mine does that with the DESS key. once it says reading key i just rotate it when its on he post and will get my 2 beeps. sometimes i have reverted back to the MES days and take it off and blow in it and try again.

    as for the tool kit.. some have them some done. mine didnt. you can buy it online for about $20 but the stuff inside isny worth that. if you can find an empty one for cheap get it and build your own kit.

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    Yep mine does that too. Not every time but enough for it to be a "thing". Just do what Liquid Chicken said...jiggle it around or take it out and try again.

    No toolkit on any of these new 'Doo's from what I've been told. Just put together your own and you'll be better off.

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    Make sure your key is clean n free of debris inside the contact hole. Mine doesnt take long at all but I have vtech...I know there was a ECU update for this but your ski has 6 hrs should have it. What year is it?

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    I have to wiggle mine around sometimes too, just figured it was normal.

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    You are 'waking up' the system BEFORE you put the DESS key on the post, right?

    ...and the new position of the post is angled a bit lower than the older ones. Took a little getting used to for me, but I have zero issues.

    I 'wake up' the GTRs electrical system with one push of the start/stop button.
    while the system is 'waking up', I walk around to the back of the ski.
    climb up on ski, put DESS key on post, system recognizes key within 3 to 5 seconds.
    I push the start/stop button again.
    ski starts in 'neutral'.
    blip the throttle, and head on out of the marina.

    ...hope this helps.

    I had the same issue when I'd climb on the ski and try to start w/o letting the system 'wake up' first.
    since I modified my start up proceedure to that listed above - zero issues.

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    Yep, It takes some getting used to. I hit the start button, push on the key with a slight wiggle and twist and press start again. It starts 99% of the time. It is stupid though, I've had times when I needed it to start to avoid stuff when the wind blows you. I just make sure not to get into any of those situations.

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