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    FZR Cooling upgrade question

    I'm currently running a JD intercooler with the stock cooling line routing. I plan on running a dedicated line to the IC off the strainer of my Riva pump, and replacing the "X" fitting (inlet, flush, IC out, eng out) with a the "Y" fitting from a VXR. I might also restrict the flow to the water box a little. It seems like that should be enough to improve flow to the engine and oil cooler, as well as the IC. I would also be adding another pisser from the IC. I've seen the instructions to the Riva cooling kits, and it seems like my way would increase the cooling almost as much. I read somewhere that you shouldn't increase the oil cooler flow much (like the Riva and R&D kits do). To do it my way, I would just need the elbow from the strainer, fitting for the IC, the through-hull fitting, a pisser (2 so they match), the VXR "Y" fitting, and the hoses.

    Would this work?

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    I would use the Y, and run a dedicated line off the pump, thru a strainer, then to the I/C, and a large or 2 smaller pisser lines. I would not restrict the flow to the waterbox, as the engine and oil cooler are already going to get more water(water that is not going to I/C anymore)

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