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    boost addiction!

    hey guys im new to greenhulk, just got my first supercharged jet ski (06 rxp) can't wait to try it! the fastest ive been on the water was 45-50mph on my (00 seadoo gti) im kind of excited to see how fast this thing is.

    but here is my problem... i am addicted to ot speed! i know the best thing for me is to just leave it stock and just to reg. maintenance but as soon as i got on this forum i knew it was gonna change everything.

    ok im gonna try keeping it as stock as possible without going turbo.

    so a few things im thinking to start and a few things im gonna need help with.
    change the oil
    rebuilt the superchanger and put an et127 wheel with 42lbs injectors
    impeller ???
    grate ??
    gut the waterbox?? or can i just get rid of it?
    parts laying around:
    4" air filter
    home made through hull exhaust
    precision water to air intercooler.

    maybe if i like this sport, change to some wiseco pistons and k1 rods and maybe a gt30r with suporting mods of course.

    please talk me into keeping it stock! my gf is already complaining about me modding it.

    and here is where i spend most of my money

    the hulk! some of you might have seen it at Sema on the wiseco pistons K1 booth.
    i built it from ground up, from paint, to cage, to turbo set up.
    hopefully i don't go to crazy with my ski like i did with the race car...

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    Welcome to the GH
    so how much boost do you run on Infamous
    and what ecu/fuel system are you using

    42lb injectors will be maxed out using a 127 +3 wheel
    sure straight pipe will work but your neighbors may get upset

    these tiny SCs don't like big intercoolers, they just cant make the volume like a turbo to keep the boost up

    jet power is not efficient power and putting big turbo power on a stock pump setup could get you hurt

    there is lots of good info on this site to get you up to speed
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    stock ecu, but i can go in and change timing and fuel, 46psi of boost 2150cc e85.

    just got my 4" k&n air filter, wheres the coolest place to put the filter on the ski? front or back?

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    I knew that was a funny looking F22c in there

    Last October my '07 RXT was 100% stock. Now she has what's in my sig. We're speed freaks/adrenaline junkies/gear heads, there's no getting around that. Accept it now.

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    previous owner told me the supercharger was rebuilt at 100 hours the ski has 126 now.
    the funny thing is, one of the clutch washer has a bit of green which makes me think its ceramic.

    cut the water box and gutted the inside baffles and shortened by an inch, i love the way it sounds now

    got a 4 inch intake but havent got to do that yet.
    is the ss wear ring worth the extra money or just get a stock one, my wear ring has some scratches.
    changed the oil and filter, there was a few small shavings on the filter but nothing on the oil, im hoping it was from a previous supercharger fail.

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    Those sc pics are hard to see but they look like the metal ones. Take a pic of the end of the shaft.

    SS wear ring all the way. Peak performance for a long period.

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    the first clutch washer after the nut looks like a metal one but the one on the inside closer to the supercharger housing has a bit on green on it, I'm hopping the dealer didn't just replace the outer washer and charged the previous owner for a full rebuild, I'm gonna rebuild the supercharger, just so I can sleep at night. The slip was 74 in lbs

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    Still can't see shit. Are you using one of those cameras where they hold up a tray of powder and light it up for flash. Do the washers have some little dags on the outside, so it's all smooth and then a little bump?

    As I said before Take a photo of the END OF THE SHAFT so we can see the hole in the end. At least then we will be able to tell you if it's an 08+ shaft or not.

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