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    2000 polaris virage no start/spark

    So I recently purchased a 2000 Polaris Virage with the standard red 3 cylinder motor. I was riding one day and out of the blue it stops running.. long story short I've done the following diagnosics
    - has good compression
    - has a good battery 12.4 loaded
    -Has 0 spark...
    - does not start with the bilge button pushed
    - last year the stator was replaced
    so now to the weird part. I whent into the CDI box to try to do a "LR bypass" diagnostic and tried pulling a white wire off as on my Polaris quad this was a diagnostic tool for the start switch and voila the motor fired right up of course no stopping it aside from choke! Now I know I should continue to do the Lr bypass legitimately but does this have any diagnostic value? any input is greatly appreciated. thank you!

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    I don't believe there is supposed to be an all white wire in the box. Are they faded badly and perhaps originally a different color? Do you have the Jumper wire installed per Bulletin PWC-00-05 to connect the CDI's red purple directly to the LR-505 orange output?

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    Im not 100% but I believe that it was all white. The box was nearly brand new on the inside. but I dont believe that there was a jumper installed. Ill have to take another look..
    But would the lack of this jumper cause a crank with no spark cituation?

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