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    ultra 250x low compression?

    i have a ultra 250x 08 newly rebuilt with new 2010 head when i had it summerized the tech said that the motor was perfect he got 105 psi across all cylinders when he did the compression test (which i thought was low but went with it) i took it out for the first time and i couldnt get it above 57mph and 7200rpms. so that got me researching and i found out that my compression should be btw 172-260 so im curious what yall think would cause all cylinders to have low compression on a new motor. it runs smooth but just doesnt have the power it use to. side was rebuild because it had a head gasket leak so i paid to have the whole motor rebuilt because of all the salt water that ran through it for so long. thanks for the replies

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    Just checking if I am correct on the compression 172-260?

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    260 is wrong

    thats a copy and paste error from 15f manual


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    The mechanic said his book shows it should be [email protected] r/min. Does this sound correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marvin willis View Post
    The mechanic said his book shows it should be [email protected] r/min. Does this sound correct?

    Number 1 go find a new mechanic, your current one is a FWit.

    Compression between cylinders shouldn't vary by more than 10% (new age mechanics go as high as 15%) so you can't go wrong with 12.5 %

    i think 15f is about 160 ( apart from low compression its the % between cylinders that matters the most)
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    120 on all cylinders

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