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    How the Hell do you get the gauges out!

    I cant get the screw nut things loose on this 96 XP! Not enough room to grip it... Dang it

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    I feel your pain.
    I had to take apart one of my Spx's hoods completely. Not fun. I would rather not have to do that on the other one I have.
    If someone knows a trick, spill the beans.

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    Only way i have ever pulled it off easily is by drilling a hole so that i could use a flat screw driver to spin the nut by hitting it with a hammer... After you get one out you use the same method for the other by sticking the screw driver through the hole where the first gauge came out. Tightening them back up is another problem. I drill a hole through the bottom of the hood where it won't really be noticed and then silly cone it up when the job is done.

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    Push the gauge in real hard while unscrewing the ring.

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