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    Peace of intake grade went true jet pump, soliution???

    I dont know how it does happened. (previous owner hitted something really hard???)
    I bought ski 6 month ago and rode it maybe ten times. ontime of purchase everything was fine few rides later metal noise showed up on cold start, then i checked impeller from back of a ski and was able to see fire ring(running ski).SO, impeller hits housing really bad. Then I took jet pump off ski and saw that intake grade missing small peace about 2-3". My question is - What is the best way to go:- new used jet pump assembly? or rebuild current one? cauz entire jet pump has damage (housing, impeller, shaft end bearing???, steering nozzle)

    ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks

    Have pictures, but no luck with posting them here
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    It looks like the stainless steel wear ring has swollen in the aluminium housing creating a high spot that your impellor thought it could fix. Its not a big deal and happens a lot. New housing and impellor, your good to go.

    1- search oem parts store for your new wear ring
    2- search in the performance parts section for a new intake grate, get a seal kit while your there( I can see gaps in that pic) and buy a new impellor.

    you may get lucky with some second hand stuff but it always feels better if you buy new. GL

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