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    Took the GPRs out today, had some problems...

    I've got an 03 GP800R with 90HRS and an 04 GP1300R with 195 Hrs.

    The GP1300R Compression: 118 Both cold
    I've always had slight cavitation on the 1300R, was planning on doing the pump seal and new impeller. Today I noticed it was quite a bit worse. Happens on take off. On visual inspection the impeller doesn't seem to have any space between itself and the housing.

    When I put them on trailer and pulled them out, i noticed water in the hull, much more than usual. Then I saw the seal by the coupler housing was skewed. Could bad driveshaft seals cause that cavitation?

    I did a search on the on the other issue with the 1300, some banging/growling noises at idle that disappears when you give it throttle. Everyone says its normal.. I hope so..

    800R Compression
    The 800r will have little problem starting cold. Then itll run fantastic, slight bouncing idle. Once we park it for a half hour to an hour or so, it will be very difficult to start, takes alot of throttle blipping, choke doesn't help at all. Haven't tried starting fluid or installing a primer, because Eventually, it will start. Once she starts she runs great.
    When I put the 800r on the trailer, I started it up, and she revved high and wouldn't come down and then I pull the lanyard and hit the kill switch and she kept going. Dieseled until I and wouldn't stop until I pulled the choke.

    I pulled the plugs and they are nice toasty brown. No white speckles and i peeked in the plug hole and the pistons seemed ok. Compression was 125 PTO 130 MAG tested warm

    Any thoughts?

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    I doubt the intermediate shaft housing seal is causing the cavitation. Most likely it's the transom causing the cavitation and water leak.

    It sounds like the carbs on the 800 need to be rebuilt or you have an air leak.

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    if it diesels believe it ir not go full throttle.....Sounds against what you would think to do.

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    With the 800 I was suspecting an air leak but the plugs don't show any signs of a lean condition, I might rebuild the carbs just do to the hard starting when warm. It only has trouble when it sits for more than a 10 minutes, once it starts, you can turn it off and start it back up no problem. I'm thinking its got leaky needle valves? but doesn't really add up since it has little trouble when its cold, like if it sits for a week or so. The high revving/ dieseling was only when it was out of the water, so under no load.

    BTW I'm running 32:1 Premix with 87 octane and klotz skicraft oil.

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    32:1 premix is a little heavy on the oil. That's the ratio to use when breaking in a rebuilt engine. Sounds like you may be fouling out a plug. Before you tear into it, change your premix to 40 or 50 to one, and put fresh plugs in and ride for a little while and see if your problem disappears.

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    Well, I found the air leak, bottom of the spark arrestor was cracked open. So I replaced it and went for a ride, let it sit and this time I did notice some oil fouling, but it was easier to start. I'll change the premix to 50:1. I guess I'm used my snowmobiles being 32:1 up north lol.

    The GP1300, I found the leak. I replaced the intermediate shaft carrier, bearing and seals, still got some cavitation but no more leaking.

    I ended up selling the skis, after they were repaired. So now I'll be looking for some 4tecs.

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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    I have been running 32:1 in my gp1200 for 12 years and 386 hours, and I don't foul plugs. 40:1 will be fine though.

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