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    06 RXP free/cheap DIY mods?

    Getting my ski ready for the season and looking for some cheap mods to do while its out of the water. I've come across trimming the reverse gate and filling the ride plate holes. Anyone else have any suggestions on what to do? Ski is completely stock at the moment not really looking to buy aftermarket parts for it.


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    Everything after what you just mentioned, cost $$$$$$. Lots of $$$$.

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    Did 4" fresh air and catch can for $180. It depends on how handy you are and what is available in your area. 2 3/4 X 4 silicone 90 2 4" couplers clamps filter and 4" vacuum hose a way to mount filter. Sorry no mount idea's I set up a 2 into 1ram air to feed my sc

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    what's a 2 into 1 ram air?

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